A visit from Madison

One of the things my husband and love to do is take walks in the country with the dogs. This time we had the pleasure of Davids niece Madison to join us. Madison just turned 11 and full of life. She loves animals and might grow up to become a Vet some day.


This time of the year the spiders, butterflies, and dragonflies are so pretty.


It was great time had by all. We took Madison to the farmers market. This was her first visit. We picked up yellow watermelon, garlic, salsas, peaches, pears and a few planting lesson’s. We also went to the movies and saw “planet of the apes”. It was a great movie, I was surprised. Took her to eat a Chipotle for her first time. FYI she ate the whole burrito.


Warning: Please don’t judge us on our lovely fashion statement!

About Shanna Banana

I love sharing idea's and hearing your thoughts. Hubby and I keep busy at home with our kiddos, chickens , dogs. We both enjoy the outdoors, so this year we developed a straw bale garden. We try and live green to the best we can. Oh one more thing. I love, love my techie toys.
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