Little projects around the house

So over the last couple of weeks I have been fixing up some of the rooms in our house. First I started with the guest bedroom (photos to come) and then on to the bathroom. The bathroom I changed the paint color to gray. I removed all the towel racks. Can someone explain the point of having a towel rack behind the toilet? Gross it is for people to wipe their hands on after they (boys) go to the bathroom. So needless to say we no longer have that towel rack. My major project was my picture frame art. I found an old fashion pictures frame at a store here in town call The Market Place.

So I took the frame and went to Home Depot and had them measure and cut me a thin piece of board for the backing. I also bought 4 different colors of spray paint to bring out my colors in the shower curtain. Plus add some color to my gray walls. I sprayed all 4 layers of my picture frame different colors. Then I took magnetic paint to the board from Home Depot and topped it with chalkboard paint. Here are my results. Great way to change and add color to wall.


I was very excited with the results. Now I can put comments and the board. Plus have a little fun with it when people come over. They can write messages.

2 Responses to Little projects around the house

  1. Diane and John Davis says:

    Love the picture frame and bathroom. Can’t wait to leave a message:)

  2. Diane and John Davis says:

    Nice job on everything, Shanna Banana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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