Dog Wash in January



Any chance we can get to give the dogs a bath outside, we’re in. It’s still a little breezy but 50• isn’t bad. We got the Christmas lights and decor down finally. So now that the whole family is clean from the outside dog bath, it’s time to relax. Hubby is putting on pork chops and apples for dinner. Sounds great to me.

About Shanna Banana

I love sharing idea's and hearing your thoughts. Hubby and I keep busy at home with our kiddos, chickens , dogs. We both enjoy the outdoors, so this year we developed a straw bale garden. We try and live green to the best we can. Oh one more thing. I love, love my techie toys.
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1 Response to Dog Wash in January

  1. Kristina Conrad says:

    You are lucky to have a husband who is a great cook – and loves to do it….I sure wish he would make those peach baked beans again! Glad you enjoyed the day – see you soon!

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