Healthy Eating & Juicing

Food, Food, Food

Why does most people’s lives revolve around food. What’s for breakfast? What’s for lunch? What’s for dinner? Whenever we celebrate holidays it’s all about the FOOD. So since that is the case, we have got to consider what we are eating. I once her a quote that said, “stick with foods that come for the soil.” That is a good rule of thumb to go by. We have brought processed food, breads & fried foods into our everyday lives. This is going to kill us for sure. So with all that being said, I highly recommend buying a juicer. We bought the Jack La Lanne juicer at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Here is what I would suggest.

1: Buy your veggies and fruit in bulk.

2: Purchase a veggie wash and a veggie fruit scrub brush


3: Wash everything you purchased





We have a salad spinner which is a must have for you kitchen!


Our juicer

Okay so this is my new thing. Worm farm, they poop and then you put the poop around your plants and veggies for nutrients. Plus they eat all fruit and veggie scraps.  That box sit’s in my office down stairs.  It doesn’t smell and very easy maintenance.

Poor in glass and taste the goodness

So after I washed everything. I put the fruit and veggies into separate baggies to freeze for later. I also put enough in the frig to have on hand. If everything is clean and ready to eat, you will eat much healthier.  Just try it! Let me know your favorite juice recipes.

1 Response to Healthy Eating & Juicing

  1. Diane and John Davis says:

    Nice job, sugar. Love the blog. Sure looks tastey:)Know we all need to take notes. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Especially Momma and Daddy. HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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