Beach Party with the Family

I had a wonderful weekend with the family. My brother Shawn and his little ones Lindsay

Yes it is was it is on her head
Just plain silly

and Rex comeoooonnnncame to visit. Shawn’s wife was on a plan to PA to hang with the old ladies as her daughter Lindsay told everyone. We all met at my folks house in Moberly. It was a great time mom, now Grandma Di had the house all fixed up Grandma Di come on

for a beach party. She got out the palm tree’s and flamingo’s. The kids even had a whale pool to play in. I guess I got to play too. Love my niece and nephew for sure

My hubby thinks he has this kid thing down pat.

Uncle Wat

One day he will not know what hit him. Looks as though Rex love’s his Uncle Wat.

Dad aka Grandpa John got into a water match with Lindsay.

come and get it

Surprise guess who won. My brother Shawn had a couple of his buddy’s over from high school to catch up. It was a joy to be home and around the crew again. Family is very important to me, so beware you might see lots of pictures of the Watson and Davis Crew. All around the weekend was a great success and fun had by all as mom would say.

About Shanna Banana

I love sharing idea's and hearing your thoughts. Hubby and I keep busy at home with our kiddos, chickens , dogs. We both enjoy the outdoors, so this year we developed a straw bale garden. We try and live green to the best we can. Oh one more thing. I love, love my techie toys.
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2 Responses to Beach Party with the Family

  1. Kati says:

    Love it! Nice work! Sounds like a pretty successful weekend. Wat does look like a pro!

  2. Diane and John Davis says:

    Good job, sugar. Love all your pics.Very creative and colorful pictures.They all tell THE STORY:)

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